Art. Distilled. — Photography by BevShots — Bevshots creates a wide variety of imagery through microscopic photos of alcohol. The images are captured under a polarised light microscope, causing the light to refract through the crystals to reveal the stunning colours. It is impossible to pick a favourite image!


Bloom Day Scans — Craig Cramer — These saturated images are simply created via a scanner. Flowers seem to emerge out of darkness in these mesmerising floral compositions and kaleidoscopic patterns. 

℅  Yellowtrace

Clouds — Berndnaut Smilde — Dutch artist, Berndnaut Smilde, creates real clouds contained within an interior environments. He is interested in exploring the duality between deconstruction and construction, between reality and representation. The clouds are building up and falling apart at the same time. Very clever work.


Arrow Sign in Los Angeles — Steve Lambert — This clever project is the result of a rented pick-up truck plus one arrow sign. Genius. I wish there were more images!

Steve Lambert

Everything You Want, Right Now! — Steve Lambert — Here are some clever works by conceptual installation artist, Steve Lambert. His work discusses and explores ideas about every day life whilst reaching out to an audience in an engaging and fun manner. Mission accomplished.

Steve Lambert

Alexander McQueen — Fall/Winter 2013 — Photography by David Sims — Modeled by Edie Campbell — This stunning series of campaign imagery captures every decadent detail!


Marjory’s World — Photography by Rebecca Reeve — A beautiful series of images that create a window into the wilderness through the framework of a curtain blowing in the wind. The project evokes a late 1800s Dutch tradition ‘during the wake of the deceased, it was customary to cover all the mirrors, landscape paintings and portraits in the home with cloths. It was believed this would make it easier for the soul to leave the body and subdue any temptations to stay in the world.’ 

Rebecca Reeve

Drawings of Girls I’ve Seen on Tumblr —by Jon Burgerman — Brilliantly colourful images and a fun idea!


NYC Type — A glorious assemblage of typographic inspiration through a user-generated feed. The website is concerned with the role that typography plays in the life of NYC and allows the development of an interactive story through multiple voices and perspectives. I can easily spend hours on here. Shame that the photos are taken on Instagram with no chance of ever printing them high-res.

NYC Type

Luxury Rap — Designed by Luke Skinner — These playful designs explore the relationship between luxury and rap lyrics/lingo. The project is ‘a hand-lettered A-Z of fashion references in hip hop.’ Love it!

Luxury Rap